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    New Street Triple

    ‘’Well deserved of our 5-star rating, the new triple hits harder, spins-up faster and belts out its shrieking, bass-laden, acid-infused soundtrack higher up the decibel range, through its lighter new airbox and exhaust - It’s clear its new 765cc motor is an absolute gem of a thing and has comfortably taken this iconic engine to another, unrivalled level.’’

    "What makes this new Triumph so spellbindingly brilliant is how light and easy it is to manage. I can’t think of a bike – even top-level sportsbikes or super naked’s that offers such balance, composure and completeness." - MCN

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    "The new Street Triple has a phenomenal motor. In the RS version we tested today, it makes 121bhp, more power than you ever need on the road, and has an accurate and lightweight chassis perfect for British roads. With an epic soundtrack from its three-cylinder 765cc Triumph Daytona 675-derived motor, a chassis to shame most supersport bikes and top-end and mid-range grunt to leave a full-blown Supersport 600 race replica for dead, Triumph's Street Triple 765 RS really is the greatest Street Triple yet.

    "It is one of the finest motorcycles I've ridden in years, that's quite a statement, I know, but this is one hell of a bike." - Bennetts Bike Social

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    Street Twin

     “We ambled along at 80mph on the Spanish four-lane highways and the world was a wonderful place to be. Effortless, involving and graceful – a true gentleman’s carriage.” Frank Melling, Motorcycle-USA

    “The classic Bonneville DNA is apparent in the new Twin, and is appealing to new and experienced riders alike. It’s great when the motorcycle itself actually lives up to the hype.” Julia LaPalme, Motorcyclist

    “It’s light, neutral steering makes for an effortless ride as we zigzag from one roundabout to the next, and its bountiful bottom-end torque gets the bike up to speed in an instant.” Costa Mouzouris – Canada Moto Guide

    “Whether ridden easily or quickly the Street Twin doesn’t seem to care. It just delivers exactly what the pilot dials in, all day long. I rode fast highways and many miles of back roads, tight switchbacks and fast curves and this new Bonneville just kept delivering. It is happy to lean as far as is required and felt planted throughout.” Jonathan Handler, Ultimate Motorcycling

    “There you have it. The OG British Superbike, circa 1965, takes on an entirely new character in the new Street Twin, a modern classic set to inspire a new generation.” John Burns, Motorcycle.com

    Thruxton 1200

    “As great as the Thruxton’s new levels of performance are, Triumph deserves high-praise for the time and effort spent on every detail, large and small. Tom Roderick –Motorcycle.com

    “Its most impressive engineering feat is that it has made nostalgia a reality. This is a love letter to British superbike history, the burbling parallel twin bursting with character, the communicative handling, and the responsive brakes, without the leaks, creaks, and kickstarts of old.” Joe Gustafson – Cycle World

    “With the Thruxton and Thruxton R, the Hinckley team has proven that they thought this new Bonneville family through, opening their arms to an even wider scope of riders, merging modern conveniences withbeautifully updated classic style.” Julia LaPalme – Motorcyclist

    “As we blast along the undulating tarmac towards Mafra, the Thruxton feels built to exploit these roads. Toggling from Rain, to Road and then Sport, throttle response quickens perceptibly and my knees rub the flares on the Manx style tank.” Matt Neundorf – Bike EXIF

    Bonneville T120

    “The new T120 manages to hit a home run. The four-year top-down redesign manages to balance modern upgrades with careful homage to the retro appeal of the past models. Triumph’s engineers should be proud.” Andrew Cherney – Rider Magazine

    “The finish and attention to detail are beyond reproach. Aside from the faithful reproduction of the classic Bonneville silhouette, it’s the fine touches that grab my attention.” Costa Mouzouris – Canada Motorcycle Guide

    “Whether you’re putting it down in the twisties or rolling over cobblestone roads that would rattle the fillings out of the heads of riders less fortunate than you, to be aboard a T120 Black, the ride is superb.” Nic de Sena – Ultimate Motorcycling

    “There is also significantly more detailing and finishing work. Subtle things like the recessed gauges, the finishing on the engine, the more ‘authentic’ fake carbs that house the dual injectors, make for a higher-caliber, higher-quality look and feel.” Joe Gustafson – Cycle World

    Tiger Explorer

    “I found it to be surprisingly competent in the dirt, the engine character and gear ratios don’t make it a trials bike, but on flowing dirt roads the chassis was predictable and the bike was pleasant to ride. On twisty paved roads, it was easy to hit my lines, and on divided highway, the comfy ergonomics and big windscreen mean there is no hardship to endure.” Ned Suesse, Cycle World

    “Triumph deserves your full attention with what it did to the 2016 Tiger Explorer. The UK-based company has taken a perfectly good motorcycle and made it markedly better by adding a sophisticated suite of electronic aids, semi-active suspension, hardware upgrades, improved finish and engineering refinements. After a day riding…I came away impressed. The superb electronic suspension and easy-to-use rider aids make the Explorer a bike that is capable of doing amazing things on both pavement and in dirt.”  Ken Condon, Motorcyclist

    “The folks at Triumph have really done their homework, and I truly think that the end result is a bike that is now on the level of the class-leading GS. And that is no easy feat.” Costa Mouzouris, Canada Moto Guide

    "Perhaps most importantly for a long-haul tourer, the Explorer was one of the most comfortable machines I’ve ever spent extended time aboard. I found it a phenomenally low-fatigue motorcycle to ride both sitting and when stood on the footpegs for long periods off road." Paul Young, MCN Australia

    Speed Triple

    “The bike was unflappable, with predictable handling and rock-steady composure…powering out of every corner felt like being shot from a cannon. The Speed Triple would growl, I would grin, again and again.” Greg Drevenstedt, Rider

    “The thing I enjoy the most about the new Triumph Speed Triple is the fact that it is a well-rounded bike capable of performing excellent on street or track…Turn-in and trail braking were very predictable and mid-corner stability was excellent.” Thomas Montano, Cycle World

    “The new Speed Triple represents an evolution of design that retains the soul of the original machine…The Triple’s combination of rider comfort, engine response, suspension and handling meld beautifully in a perfectly balanced package, which truly is intuitive.” Jeff Buchanan, Ultimate Motorcycling

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