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    Triumph’s ADV middleweight is honed to near-perfection

    Fifty miles south of the broad boulevards and shimmering palms of Marrakesh, Morocco, there’s snow covering the rugged peaks of the Atlas Mountains. The pavement, such as it is, is broken and strewn with gravel and smeared with red, wet clay and patches of snow. Puddles the color of gas station cappuccinos and of unknown depth appear around blind apexes. Here, it’s easy to get caught out by passing trucks, the stereotypically overzealous taxi driver, or the occasional herd of goats. What it calls for is an adventurous machine, ready for whatever the road (such as it is) throws its way. In this case it was the 2018 Triumph Tiger 800, a motorcycle designed for imperfect roads and the unpredictability of every journey. Read more....

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