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    Just like every iconic Triumph Bonneville, the motorcycle is just the beginning of the journey. It’s your personal touch that creates a true original ride and makes it yours.

    The Bonneville Bobber is no exception. Combining peerless authenticity, stunning handcrafted custom style, and a thrilling hot rod sound, it’s a brilliantly original custom foundation to craft a bike that is just yours. With over 130 accessories to choose from, there really are no limits to what you can customise on the Bonneville Bobber. But to make the choice a little easier there are two incredible inspiration kits you can add to your Triumph Bonneville Bobber. 


    The ‘Quarter Mile Inspiration Kit’ brings an even more ‘raked-out’ drag racer Bobber style. The inspiration kit includes signature clip-on bars and a host of unique blacked-out accessories. With the addition of the black exhaust header pipes and silencers, clip-on handlebars with black barrel grips, the black statement seat and the short front mudguard, this Bonneville Bobber is ready to turn heads and burn rubber. Black intake and header covers, a machined headlight bezel, black ribbed clutch & ACG badges and a machined oil filler cap are premium styling additions that subtly give this motorcycle a meaner and moodier appearance.


    Taking the classic look even further, the Bobber’s ‘Old School Inspiration Kit’ adds a more distinctive classic custom vibe. With signature ‘Ape-hanger’ Style Handlebars and the beautifully handcrafted Triumph Brown Statement Seat, Along with the seat and handlebar set-up, the ‘old school’ look includes Brushed Silencers,  a painted Short Front Mudguard, Brown Handlebar Barrel Grips, and a durable Black Swing Arm Bag, which combine to create a cruising Bonneville Bobber worthy of any highway. Brushed aluminium Header Covers, ribbed Clutch & ACG badges and a machined Oil Filler Cap are added to give a high quality ‘old school’ look. 


    Whether you choose one of the inspiration kits available or select some of the 130 plus accessories available through your local dealer, one thing is certain; there is a Bonneville Bobber for everyone.

    The Bonneville Bobber. Brutal, beautiful, yours

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