Road-going comfort and style with proper off-road riding capability? No problem.

Two Triumph Scrambler 1200s stationary on a ridge overlooking the sand plains below

State-of-the-art. Category-dominating. Class-leading. Given all the superlatives, the message is clear. Triumph’s all-new Scrambler 1200s have been developed to be the ultimate motorcycling experience in terms of style, road-going capability and comfort AND true off-road adventure; designed to be brilliant whatever the ride.

For the first time, the highest specification, engineering, style, and technology have been fused together to create a bike that is truly dual-purpose; a phenomenal ‘any road’ motorcycle with genuine scrambling DNA.

These are the Scrambler 1200’s highlights that make booking a test ride a must.



Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bonneville Engine


A new generation Bonneville 1200cc engine is the incredible powerplant for the all-new Scrambler 1200 line-up.  This is a thumping high power engine with dedicated Scrambler tune for an instant response that opens up a wall of torque right from the start and through the rev range to make this a thrilling consistent ride whatever the surface.  The Bonneville’s balance and easy handling make the 1200s as great off-road doing everything an adventure bike can as they are on the road and through the streets.

Two Triumph Scrambler 1200 motorbikes scrambling across dusty plains, leaving dust clouds in their wake


These amazing bikes combine Triumph’s original scrambler DNA with beautifully-crafted modern classic performance and capability to deliver all the hallmarks of a genuine dual-purpose road and adventure-focused scrambler. The iconic stripped-back Triumph scrambler silhouette is faithfully retained along with its signature high level twin exhaust, a 21-inch front wheel, bench seat, and sculpted fuel tank, all reinforcing its peerless bloodline and association with scrambling excellence. Add to this the Scrambler’s commanding riding positon and distinctive poise giving a set-up that’s optimum for genuine scrambling and total road control. The new 1200s give you everything you’ll ever need for the ultimate in scrambling fun and all-road riding.


Triumph’s pivotal role in the original scrambling movement of the 1950s is reflected by the new 1200’s breath-taking original scrambler looks.  Scramblers, perhaps more than any other bike category, have a unique style born from the very first factory Triumphs; a style that encapsulates an attitude for fun and freedom that has built todays growing movement for modern classic custom Scramblers. Born from the very first desert sled today, the iconic scrambler looks of the 1200 combine with class-leading, cutting edge performance and technology to produce a phenomenal road-friendly scrambler-ready ride that’s properly capable wherever you take it.



These are THE bikes to ride, they will simply put a smile on your face. You won’t need to go dirt riding to appreciate the sheer presence and capability of the Scrambler 1200s; indeed, you need never stray from the tarmac and you still won’t tire of its commanding riding position and balanced, easy-handling road-going capability.  Of course, if you ever desire to take your 1200 off-road, then you know you have a bike that can handle it.  In the meantime, enjoy a top quality ride whatever the surface.



Described as having ‘category-dominating capability’, the Scrambler 1200s’ supremacy has been achieved with an incredible blend of class-leading specification and equipment.  Alongside the latest generation high power 1200cc Bonneville engine with its dedicated ‘Scrambler tune’, there’s a totally unique, first-in-class, fully-adjustable long-travel rear suspension set-up that’s been tailor-made for the 1200 by Öhlins. Completing the list of premium components the Scrambler 1200 are dedicated fully adjustable long travel Showa USD forks, and twin Brembo M50 radial monobloc front calipers, which are the very highest standard of brakes in the segment.



6 & 7

Triumph Scrambler 1200 Rider Focused Technology on TFT Instruments


The Scrambler 1200 line-up is fully equipped with an exclusive host of class-leading ‘cutting-edge’ technology to deliver a responsive and confidence-inspiring ride. Technology headlines for this amazing new line-up, depending on model choice, include; Triumph’s new 2nd generation TFT instrument display, up to six riding modes that adjust throttle response and Traction Control for better handling under various riding conditions, all-LED lighting (including signature DRL headlight where local legislation allows), a world’s first motorcycle-integrated GoPro control system and new intuitive ‘turn-by-turn’ navigation, both displayed on the TFT instruments.

Triumph Scrambler 1200  riding across dusty plains . Rider wearing limited edition Scrambler 1200 clothing, Bell helmet and integrated GoPro


The new navigation system is powered by Google and delivered through a dedicated Triumph app. Phone and music operation is also supported, allowing the rider to control their music and phone operation via the illuminated switchcube control. All three features (Go-Pro, Navigation, Phone and Music operation) are enabled by an all-new accessory-fitted Bluetooth connectivity module. Additional premium technologies include keyless ignition, cruise control and USB charging. In addition, the even higher spec XE benefits from optomised cornering ABS and Traction Control, facilitated by an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), plus heated grips as standard.


A fusion of exceptional detailing combines to create 21st century scrambler-defining custom style, with aluminum finishes featuring on the 1200’s number board, swingarm, mudguards, Monza filler cap and bash plate.  There’s quality in the detail too; to reflect its top-of-the-range status, the XE adds an iconic Triumph tank badge, handguards, Brembo MCS lever, a silver handlebar finish and gold USD Showa cartridge forks.



The benchmark-setting Scrambler 1200 range comprises two extraordinary models; the new Scrambler 1200 XC which has been built with a full on road and off-road dual-purpose focus, while the top-of-the-range higher specification Scrambler 1200 XE brings even more extreme off-road adventure and scrambling capability.  




Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE fitted with Triumph Genuine accessories including - fly screen, luggage rack, panniers, roll back and tank bag - on a touring adventure in the Welsh Mountains


Just like the very first 1960’s scramblers, today these motorcycles are all about tailoring your bike to suit your individual style and attitude. With the birth of the modern custom scene the scrambler has come to represent a unique platform for personalization, with many striking and beautiful examples, built by some of the world’s leading custom bike designers.

To help you build your very own tailor-made custom scrambler special Triumph have designed over 80 accessories for the new Scrambler 1200 line-up.

Triumph Scrambler 1200 fitted with the 'Escape' inspiration accessory kit


Triumph accessories use the very latest engineering technology, and are produced to the same exacting standards as the motorbikes themselves.  We’ve also created two exciting new inspiration kits to show what’s possible and get your personalization off to the perfect start. The fully loaded ‘Escape’ inspiration kit showcases the luggage and touring accessories available, and the ‘Extreme’ inspiration kit shows the more overt off-road & stripped back custom options available including a distinctive high-mudguard set-up.


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