Daytona 675R



The Triumph Daytona 675 delivers a pure adrenalin rush on road or track. The race-winning three-cylinder engine, with an electrifying blend of midrange drive and screaming top-end power, is perfectly balanced with a precisely calibrated chassis for extreme agility, control and confidence.

Both models come with switchable ABS as standard, but the Daytona 675 R adds high performance Öhlins suspension, radial Brembo monobloc brakes, a quickshifter, styling enhancements, race-tuned agility and superb steering response to its formidable arsenal of talents. 


Power and Performance

The Triumph Daytona 675’s inline triple is tuned for race-winning peak power and torque of 128PS at 12,500rpm and 74Nm at 11,900rpm. But with a naturally wide spread of low-down and mid-range grunt from the three-cylinder layout, the Daytona 675 is as happy taming roads as it is setting lap records.


The Daytona 675’s outstanding performance benefits from Triumph’s cutting-edge fuelling and engine management technology. A wide bore/short stroke design permits a 14,400rpm redline for exceptional peak power, while refined internals reduce friction to assist with instant response.


The Triumph Daytona 675’s under-slung stainless steel exhaust system focuses weight around the engine and aids both steering and agility. An exhaust valve is automatically adjusted for optimum power and torque – and is tuned to deliver the full glory of Triumph’s signature triple character and sound.


Triumph’s core handling principles of agility and stability are taken to extremes with the Daytona 675. Repeatedly tested and developed, the Daytona 675’s suspension, frame geometry, weight balance, braking and steering response are honed to a finely-tuned point of perfection, working in total harmony with the engine to give complete control and confidence under all riding conditions.

Wheels, Brakes, and Tyres

Lightweight aluminium wheels fitted with Pirelli SuperCorsa tyres reduces weight for optimal steering and suspension performance. Top-line Nissin radial calipers, 310mm discs and braided steel hoses generate colossal stopping power.

Aluminium wheels fitted with Pirelli SuperCorsa tyres reduces weight for optimal steering and suspension performance. Brembo Monobloc front brake callipers are fitted standard as they are especially resistant to heat fade. 310mm discs together with braided steel hoses provide superb stopping power. Braking includes a sophisticated anti-lock system, with race-mode for late intervention.


Keeping weight down and close to the bike’s centre of gravity is a key factor in the Triumph Daytona 675’s combination of rapid steering, supreme stability and natural handling. Careful positioning of components such as the exhaust, reducing masses at the extreme front and rear of the motorcycle, and tailoring the riding position, the optimum balance pays back with peerless levels of rider confidence.

Frame, Suspension, and Swingarm

The Daytona 675’s aluminium twin spar frame is coupled to an aluminium swingarm with adjustable pivot for the ultimate chassis set-up. Steep steering and short wheelbase deliver total sports agility, and fully adjustable KYB suspension has low- and high-speed compression damping for ideal settings on smooth racetracks to bumpy roads.

The Daytona 675’s aluminium frame and swingarm with adjustable pivot points provides the ultimate chassis set-up. With both short wheelbase and steep steering head angle the motorcycle delivers total sports agility. Öhlins NIX30 forks are fitted for reduced friction, fine damping control and adjustability. Whilst the rear shock is an Öhlins TTX 'twin tube' unit that delivers more consistent and predictable performance on the track and is easily adjustable for spring preload, ride height, rebound and compression damping.


Quick Shifter

A quick-shifter comes as standard on the Daytona 675 R. A smooth gearshift is guaranteed at all speeds, on road or track. Ignition cut varies according to engine speed and throttle position, while ‘soft’ reinstatement brings cylinders back in one at a time for maximum control.

Optional TPMS

Available as a factory accessory, Triumph’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors current pressures and provides an automatic warning on the motorcycle dash display if they fall outside optimum levels.

Gear Shift Lights

Shifting gear at the ideal moment is critical for a motorcycle’s peak performance on track. A row of six blue LEDs above the tacho act as a visual indicator and light up incrementally as revs rise. They can also be programmed via the trip computer to prompt a gear change at any point in the rev range.


When it isn’t setting lap records or blitzing twisty roads, the Triumph Daytona 675 is protected at standstill by a coded key immobiliser system which disables the ignition if it detects an attempt to turn or force the ignition switch without the presence of the electronically coded correct key.


To stop rear wheel chatter under braking, the Daytona 675 has a slip-assisted clutch. Under braking the clutch plates are released allowing the clutch to slip. The Daytona 675 engine management also automatically varies engine braking, to assist further in demanding situations.


The Daytona 675’s comprehensive but clearly laid-out LCD multi-functional instrument pack includes a digital speedometer, fuel gauge, trip computer, analogue tacho, gear position indicator, programmable gear change lights, and a clock – plus a lap timer for checking your progress at the track.


An evolution of the original Triumph Daytona 675’s classic lines, the Daytona 675 features a similar sleek dynamism and meticulous attention to detail, enhanced by Triumph’s relentless quest for class-leading build quality. The Daytona 675 R adds further touches such as a red-painted subframe, wheel stripes and additional graphics and carbon fibre parts.



Arrow Silencer

Made from titanium and stainless steel with carbon fibre end cap, the Arrow slip-on silencer is more than just cosmetic. With a downloadable map it improves power and torque across the rev range, weighs 60% less than the standard system, yet still meets noise regulations (E-marked).

Seat Cowl

Colour Coordinated Solo Seat Conversion to replace passenger seat unit.

Brake Reservoirs

CNC Machined Replacement Brake Reservoir for use on models fitted with radial brake master cylinder. Features include machined detailing to lid and body, laser etched branding, integral sight glass and an anodised black finish.

Stand Bobbins

Machined and Anodised Paddock Stand Bobbins. - Nylon Paddock Stand Bobbins for use with Street Triple and Daytona 675. VIN specific product.

Fork Protectors

CNC Machined Fork Protectors featuring anodised aluminium spacers with laser etched detailing and acetyl sliders. Designed to help protect fork legs in the event of a fall.

Rear Light

As a clear alternative to the standard equipment part this Clear Rear Light features high intensity LEDS to ensure you will be seen in all levels of visibility.