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    As a rider, you know that not all tires are the same. Being the only part of a bike that is in contact with the ground, the right tires can make a difference to your ride by increasing grip which improves braking, steering and your overall safety.

    Did you know?

    • After fitting new tires, you will have to take it easy for at least the first 100 miles. Running in tires is an important safety factor and it is recommended that tires should not be used under full speed or power for 100 miles.
    • Around 70% of the world’s Carbon Black pigment is used for making tires.
    • It is important to not over-inflate tires as tire pressure increases when tires are hot.
    • Under-inflated tires don’t just affect handling, but can also increase fuel consumption.
    • A conservative riding style will help preserve tires.

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    These results are provided AS AN INDICATION and, BEFORE purchasing the tires, BE SURE TO CONSULT a Triumph dealer in order to check the technical and legal constraints that may be an obstacle to the replacement proposed.”