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We've collected the latest quotes and links here to provide you with a convenient selection of independent insights into these exciting new models.

The New Speed Twin

"In a word, the 1200cc liquid-cooled, eight-valve High Power parallel-twin engine is stellar…in the real world, it’s the closest you’ll be to the perfect amount of power for the street" - Nic de Sana, Ultimate Motorcycling

"Riding the Speed Twin, you get the sense that Triumph’s designers, engineers, and test riders wanted to build something that would resonate on a bone-deep level where sound and speed feel as necessary as the air that fills your lungs. I think they succeeded." - Seth Richards, Cycle World

Scrambler 1200 XE scrambling in the desert

The New Scrambler 1200

“So who’s the customer? To be entirely honest, I hadn’t considered the question when a fellow North American editor proposed it. Who wouldn’t want it, I thought.…I could absolutely see myself owning this bike.”

Ryan Adams,

“Triumph’s new 1200 is the most dirt-friendly big bike I’ve ever ridden. Yes, more than Honda’s Africa Twin. Probably the R1200 GS too. Indeed, I’ve never ridden anything larger than BMW’s F850 version of the GS off-road that was as much fun and confidence-inspiring as the XE Scrambler.”

David Booth,

The new Street Twin with female rider in urban setting

The New Street Twin

'The 2019 Triumph Street Twin is one of those smile-inducing motorcycles that appeals to a wide variety of riders. Newer riders will love the friendliness of the Street Twin, while experienced riders can appreciate how few demands the motorcycle puts on the pilot' - Don Williams, Ultimate Motorcycling

The new Triumph street Scrambler on country road

The New Street Scrambler

'For Triumph and its Street Twin and Street Scrambler, what’s old is also new again, and the virtues of these bikes’ simplicity and ease of use are being rediscovered by a whole new generation of riders, including lots of first-timers and women.' - John Burns,


"A hooligan with the heart of a gentleman.
The three-cylinder Speed Triple RS establishes its territory with a unique performance, a one of a kind sound, and a pedigree of sophisticated pugilism." - Ultimate Motorcycling

Triumph Tiger 800 riding off road

The New Tiger 800

“The World Isn’t Perfect, Which Is Why The 2018 Tiger 800 Has To Be”
“Triumph’s ADV middleweight is honed to near-perfection” - Seth Richards, Cycleworld

new Tiger 1200

“The 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 Is A Two-Wheeled Land Rover. Rugged, sophisticated, and versatile, the 2018 Tiger 1200 is an ideal bike for whatever your mood and whatever the terrain” Seth Richards, Cycleworld

Bobber Black

"Before I even threw a leg over the Bobber Black, this bike spoke to me—maybe I should say it punched me in the face and forced me to look at it." - Ultimate Motorcycling

Street Triple

"Well deserved of our 5-star rating, the new triple hits harder, spins-up faster and belts out its shrieking, bass-laden, acid-infused soundtrack higher up the decibel range, through its lighter new airbox and exhaust - It’s clear its new 765cc motor is an absolute gem of a thing and has comfortably taken this iconic engine to another, unrivalled level."- MCN

"It is one of the finest motorcycles I've ridden in years, that's quite a statement, I know, but this is one hell of a bike." - Bennetts Bike Social