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    20/06/2015 - 20/06/2015

    Hagerstown Half-Mile

    The banked clay track known as Hagerstown Speedway will be home to the first Half-Mile race of the year on June 20. A great place to see feverish action and plenty of passing, the Maryland circuit never disappoints the fans that pack the stands to capacity.

    In 2014, Bryan Smith and Jared Mees battled it out after Kenny Coolbeth Jr. saw a dominant day come to a premature end due to engine issues. Smith got the better of the eventual Grand National Champion, giving Kawasaki its first ever Half-Mile victory. It was the first win for a motorcycle other than a HarleyDavidson at Hagerstown since a Honda took the checkered flag in 1995.

    In the GNC2 race, Kyle Johnson picked his way through the field and won with a late pass. Now that the Kawasaki engine has proven it can run with Harley-Davidson in Maryland, picking a winner here is more difficult than ever.

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