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    The terrifyingly cool story of the 240hp Carpenter Racing Rocket III

    For the gentlemen of Carpenter Racing, the Rocket III’s 146bhp and 163ft.lbs of torque wasn’t quite enough.

    First they went to work on the head, applying their signature CNC porting. They then mated it with a custom-ground, aggressive cam; titanium retainers; shim-under tappets; and specialized springs. Custom-designed forged aluminum pistons keep the same weight as stock units to retain proper balance, but raise the compression to 11.4:1. New clutch springs and a higher volume fuel pump round out the package.

    Results? 237bhp on the very first run. With additional tweaks, the bike is now reliably delivering over 240hp, torque topping out at 196ft.lbs.

    Scary.  But that was the idea. To learn more, please visit CarpenterRacing.com.

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