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    On The Road to Marrakesh

    Kim Hannan knew she was going to win. When the New Jersey resident filled out an entry form for the Seeking Explorers sweepstakes and dropped it into the fishbowl in the Triumph booth at the International Motorcycle Show in New York, she asked when the drawing would be held so she would know when to expect a call. Hence her lack of surprise when, out of the thousands of entries received online and at the various IMS shows around the U.S., her name was indeed drawn. She was headed for the trip of a lifetime, getting on a new Tiger Explorer in Spain, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar and touring through Morocco.

    Kim was stunned at the diversity that she and the 12 other winners found in the landscape in Morocco. “I thought it would look mostly like Arizona, but some parts were lush and green. There were fabulous resort communities as well as dusty villages, and the Atlas Mountains were simply beautiful.” The trip also included riding into the Sahara Desert and a visit to Marrakesh.

    The scenery, her fellow riders and the bike were all terrific. “Some of the riding was through heavy traffic with people and cars and donkey carts and children and animals and nobody watching for you at all. Moving and weaving uphill through all of that showed the balance of the bike. And I loved the power of it, too. When you go to pass somebody, you’re gone!

    “I loved being the only girl on the trip,” she added. “I would walk into the hotel each night with all these guys in our riding gear, and we looked like something from Star Wars. The sense of camaraderie among all of us was amazing. This was absolutely one of the top experiences of my life.”

    Now that she’s back in the states, Kim plans on doing more adventure riding, but on a little bit lighter bike. “I’ll be on a Tiger 800 for sure. I tried one before the trip, and that’s the bike for me!”

    For more photos from the trip, visit the Seeking Explorers Facebook page.

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