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D30® and TRIUMPH




At Triumph we are passionate about giving our riders the best, from our rigorously tested machined parts and category leading performance of our high torque engines, to providing high quality clothing and accessories. Rider safety is no exception, so we’ve partnered with D3O®, an industry leader in developing impact protection, to offer our riders premium motorcycle clothing.

D3O® specialise in delivering high performance impact protection solutions, working with world-leading brands and organisations including Adidas, Dr. Martens, and the US Special Forces. They are at the forefront of developing this high performing protective gear and equipment for a range of industries, and that includes the world of motorcycles.

The quality of their CE certified motorcycle gear resulted in Triumph becoming an early partner, as well as the first motorcycle manufacturer brand to integrate D3O® technology into a number of armoured gloves.



 what is D3O®?

The core product, sometimes referred to as ‘the orange goo’, is a putty-like dilatant. It acts like a liquid in its raw form where the material’s molecules flow freely, allowing it to be soft and flexible, but put on impact the molecules lock together to dissipate impact energy and reduce transmitted force.

When working on motorcycle protectors, D3O®’s team of material scientists skilfully mix the core ingredient with various polymer blends to develop high quality products containing certain elements that are unique to motorcycling needs.

The result is limb, back and hand protectors that provide riders with a significant level of protection without compromising comfort and flexibility.

The partnership

There are Triumph customers all over the world, riding in extreme cold, extreme heat and everything in between. D3O® remains protective throughout a wide range of temperatures, staying soft and supple at very cold temperatures, but are also lightweight meaning that you don’t feel smothered when it is hot. These factors make D3O® the best choice for all-round comfort and safety.

All Triumph riderwear is rigorously tested to provide customers with as much comfort and style as possible. D3O® have a similar approach to developing their own solutions, ensuring everything developed is fit for purpose and performs to the very highest industry standards. This combination results in the development of quality products for Triumph riders… and that is why the partnership works so well.

Triumph was the first motorcycle manufacturer to incorporate D3O® into riding gloves, and as a partner will continue to work closely with D3O® on new developments in the future.