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Pied Piper Trophy
Brand 4th Jun 2024

Triumph Motorcycle dealers have been ranked first among 27 powersports brands in Pied Piper’s 2024 PSI® Service Telephone Effectiveness® (STE®) Study. This study measures the efficiency and quality of service telephone calls, focusing on the customer’s ability to quickly and easily set up a service appointment


The achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of each Triumph dealer. Their commitment to providing exceptional service experiences has significantly contributed to this top ranking. 


According to the study, well-run service departments are key to increasing customer loyalty, with the initial phone call to schedule service being a critical touchpoint. Brands with the most significant improvements from last year included Triumph, which improved their STE score by nine points to achieve a score of 55, nearly matching the automobile industry average of 58. This improvement reflects a considerable enhancement in customer service efficiency and quality.


Triumph dealers were notably efficient, with customers speaking to a service advisor within one minute and scheduling service within one week 47% of the time. Additionally, only 8% of Triumph customers were on hold for longer than two minutes.


This first-place ranking underscores Triumph's dedication to providing an outstanding service experience, thanks to the concerted efforts of each dealership. As noted by the Pied Piper CEO, Fran O’Hagan, “Satisfied service customers are more likely to be long-time loyal customers not only for service work but also when it's time to buy another vehicle.”


Rod Lopusnak, General Manager - Triumph Motorcycles America 

"This recognition is a result of the relentless effort and dedication of our dealers. Their focus on customer satisfaction and service excellence has made this possible. We couldn’t be more proud of our dealers for setting such a high standard."

Triumph Motorcycle dealers received the highest numerical score in the proprietary 2024 Pied Piper PSI® Service Telephone Effectiveness ® (STE®) Study (U.S.A). Study was conducted between October 2023 and April 2024 by phoning the service departments at 1,928 dealerships nationwide representing all major powersports brands. Your experiences may vary. Founded in 2003, Pied Piper Management Company, LLC is a Monterey, California, company that helps improve the omnichannel sales & service performance of retailers, by determining fact-based best practices, then measuring and reporting performance. Visit

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