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Impa & Triumph
Epic Adventures 22nd Nov 2023

On Friday, November 24th, Impa Kasanganay will compete to become the Professional Fighters League (PFL) Light Heavyweight Champion during the organization’s season finale in Washington DC. Following the Title bout, Impa plans to reward himself with a solo motorcycle ride from DC to Atlanta, with several stops along the way.


The PFL uses a bracket style tournament to determine a Champion by weight class every year, with each champion winning a $1 Million dollar purse. This Friday at the 2023 PFL World Championship, 6 new champions will be crowned. To become a title contender, Kasanganay has competed 5 times in less than a year, including 4 wins in the PFL to earn his spot in the PFL World Title fight. With a win on Friday against Josh Silveira, Impa will become the 2023 PFL Champion.


Between intense training sessions, the Florida resident has kept his mind occupied by planning a solo motorcycle ride. Regardless of Friday’s outcome, Impa will take some well-earned time off to enjoy his passion outside of the cage, which is riding motorcycles. After the purchase of his Street Scrambler, Kanaganay discovered the joy of riding, and has since set the goal to ride in all 50 States. Following this week’s fight, Impa will be able to cross off at least 4 states off his list as he rides from Virginia to Georgia, with stops in North Carolina and Tennessee along the way. To complete the trip, Impa will be riding quite possibly the best tool for the job, a Tiger 1200 GT Pro.


Watch the PFL Fight Week episodes to see how Impa spends his fight week, including stops at Triumph Pompano Beach and Triumph Dulles to prepare for his post-fight road trip.