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Brand 21st Jun 2024


[Stay up to date with new episodes found on the EverythingEmpire YouTube channel]

The first installment of a raw and real series, "Always Something" has launched on YouTube® created by Everything Empire and powered by Triumph Motorcycles. Veteran motorcycle performers Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha of Everything Empire are well known in the two-wheeled industry for live stunt competitions and shows, films and TV stunt riding, and high-end production motorcycle showcase videos.

This new adventure series breaks away from the pair's traditional motorcycle content by embarking on a thrilling, unscripted journey through all 50 states. The series offers a unique perspective on motorcycling, with hosts from Everything Empire traveling without a fixed plan, capturing the essence of spontaneous adventure. The goal is to highlight the rich diversity of America's landscapes, local cultures, and hidden gems, all from the saddle of a Triumph Motorcycle.

A New Kind of Adventure Series

Unlike conventional showcase projects, "Always Something" aims to create a comprehensive road map for motorcyclists exploring each state. Viewers can expect to discover the best riding routes, local eateries, unique events, and breathtaking scenery, all through the authentic, unfiltered lens of Nick and Ernie. In addition, the map point and description is included in the 'details' section of each episode so riders can view the places they've visited online.



The series is characterized by its raw, unplanned nature. With no camera crews and no fixed itinerary, the hosts rely on their wits and the generosity of local riders to navigate and explore each state. This approach ensures that every episode is a genuine adventure, filled with unexpected twists and turns. This unfiltered approach provides a realistic portrayal of the highs and lows of motorcycle travel, making it relatable to riders of all levels.

The title "Always Something" has been a long-standing motto for the Everything Empire team. It encapsulates the unpredictable nature of their adventures and the spirit of resilience and camaraderie that defines their journeys. This motto originated from their early days of stunt riding and has continued to symbolize their approach to life on the road.

The first three episodes of "Always Something" are now live with new episodes released bi-weekly, with six original episodes planned for the first season. Each episode promises a new adventure, new challenges, and new discoveries, making it a must-watch for anyone passionate about motorcycles and travel.

Triumph Partnership

Triumph has powered the Everything Empire team for well over a decade. In that time Triumph motorcycles have been used by the duo in countless stunt performances, city take over videos, epic adventures and even two Mexican 1000 races. Having talented riders like Nick and Ernie at the helm demonstrates the true capabilities of the high-quality motorcycles from the entire Triumph range.

While the traditional content produced by Everything Empire showcases the full potential of Triumph Motorcycle when ridden by the top 0.01% of rider, the new “Always Something” series will showcase the adventures that any owner could enjoy on their Triumph motorcycle. The desire of the Everything Empire team with this content is to inspire current and future motorcyclists to ride more, which aligns perfectly with the Triumph motorcycles which have been built ‘For The Ride’.

Adam VanderVeen – Marketing Director, Triumph Motorcycles America

“We are proud to support Nick and Ernie in this new style for them. I’m always blown away at what they can do on a motorcycle. Interesting enough though, at this point in their career, I think taking the helmet off on film is a bigger challenge than learning a new stunt, so I love that these guys are still pushing their own boundaries. I’ve had the chance to get to know them well over the years and I’m happy that viewers will get to know them better through this series, while still showcasing their riding ability and hopefully inspiring riders to get out and explore on their own bikes a bit more.”

[Stay up to date with new episodes found on the EverythingEmpire YouTube channel]


Ernie Vigil – Co-Founder, Everything Empire

"We wanted to create something truly different... With "Always Something," we're not only showcasing bikes or stunts. We're diving into the hear of what it means to ride, exploring every corner of the country, and sharing those experiences with our audience. It's about the journey, the people we meet, and the incredible places we discover along the way."

Ernie Vigil

Nick Brocha – Co-Founder, Everything Empire

“The title "Always Something" has been a long-standing motto for us originating from our early days of stunt riding and travel. There are two things we can always count on when we’re on the road. The first is each other, the second is something, somehow, going sideways. We’re excited to have finally launched this series and we’re just getting started.”

Nick Brocha
Always Something


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