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Triumph Hand Painted Gold Line
Inspiration Triumph Motorcycles 21st Dec 2021

A skill that takes incredible patience, years of experience and the steadiest of hands – the art of gold lining.

Coach lining, or gold lining in the case of our new Bonneville Gold Line Editions, is a talent that very few people master. Here at Triumph, a handful of artists add these flawless details to our most iconic range of motorcycles. 



Bonneville T100 Gold Line Edition)

Many of our motorcycles that feature pin-striped tanks usually start out with a two-colour base scheme, where the joining point between the two colours is flattened down. The gold line is then carefully hand-applied, usually in one continuous stroke by the artist using a soft-bristled sword-liner brush. Once the pin stripe is in place, it’s sealed from the elements with a final clear coat of lacquer.

The paints used for gold lining are specially formulated by mixing powder pigments with a cellulose lacquer to achieve the exact consistency required for such intricate brushwork. 
Each hand-lined Triumph is then adorned with the artists initials, a personal touch that makes every hand-painted Triumph special.

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