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My triumph app

Scrambler 1200 McQueen Edition
My Triumph app

The ‘My Triumph’ app is free and available to download on iOS™ and Android™.

The ‘My Triumph’ app delivers the connected navigation function.  The navigation, route planner, final destination and hundreds of millions of places and businesses, are all controlled by the rider through the app.

The rider can record their route, view ride summaries at the end of each journey, including map view of the ride, distance, time and motorcycle ridden and share it with their friends directly from the app.

The dedicated ‘My Garage’ feature presents key information about the motorcycle when connected via a Bluetooth® connection, including odometer, average fuel consumption and time/distance to service.


Triumph is the first bike manufacturer in the world to use what3words; a strong selling point for the Triumph connected bike offering.

You can find the 3 word address for a particular spot by pressing the what3words icon in the app and dragging the icon to the correct square (hint: toggle to satellite view to see exactly which 3m square is correct).

This is also an easy way to add waypoints to your route. You can enter 3 words into the app to set any precise destination or waypoint, no matter where you’re headed!



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