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Triumph Pre-Paid Maintenance

Give your Triumph the care it deserves

Triumph Motorcycles



Triumph Pre-Paid Maintenance offer you an affordable way to pay for your servicing upfront whilst protecting you from any rise in servicing costs. Whether you are a low, medium or a high mileage customer, we have a Triumph Pre-Paid Maintenance Package dedicated to helping you maintain your perfect ride.



Triumph Motorcycles


Triumph Pre-Paid Maintenance Packages offers worry free servicing. This ensures that the cost of your servicing is fixed for the duration of your plan, so you’re protected against inflation and any price rises that might happen in the future.

Triumph Pre-Paid Maintenance Packages are also registered to your bike, maximizing its resale value if you decide to sell it.




Avoid expensive repair costs and maintain your vehicle regularly with Triumph’s Priority Maintenance Program. Triumph’s Priority Maintenance provides a convenient and affordable way for you to maintain your vehicle in accordance with the owner’s manual.


Authorized servicing is proven to help maintain residual value, and Triumph Pre-Paid Maintenance Packages can increase resale value with proof of maintenance performed. Receive reduced prices for maintenance services and the option to finance your vehicle’s maintenance costs over a year or more.


Triumph Service Packages are tailored to a variety of customers in three easy options. Simply choose the package that suits you best: Priority Maintenance – Save big on scheduled maintenance, Extended Service Contract – Avoid unpredictable & costly repairs, Tire & Wheel Protection, Theft Protection, or GAP Protection.