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2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT explorer)

Tiger 1200




The latest technology was incorporated seamlessly into the new Tiger lineup to help you ride further, for longer, more safely, and in total comfort. Here are just a few highlights.



Both Explorers come equipped with an all-new Triumph Blind Spot Radar system, developed in partnership with Continental, which delivers two key safety features with Blind Spot Assist and Lane Change Assist. 



All-new Showa suspension automatically adjusts to the payload, and the semi-active system continuously monitors and adjusts the damping as you ride, with the rider being able to select their desired settings at the touch of a button. No tools, no compromise for the conditions, just the ideal setup when you need it.



Optimized Cornering ABS and Optimized Cornering Traction Control bring safety and reassurance in challenging conditions. The slick, clutchless gear changes delivered by the Triumph Shift Assist system (Accessory option for the Tiger 1200 GT) ensure a smooth ride, passenger comfort, and reduced rider fatigue.

Up to six riding modes alter the throttle response, Traction Control, ABS, and suspension settings to suit rider preferences and terrain.

The fully keyless system means no struggling with gloves, and assists with speedy fuel stops. There is an option to disable wireless functionality for even greater security when you are away from your bike.



Multi-setting heated grips come as standard on all models except the GT, with the Explorer variants also benefiting from independently adjustable heated rider and pillion seats. 

2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 heated grips accessory



Hill hold control, all-LED lighting with adaptive cornering lights, a bonded 7” TFT screen, cruise control, USB charger, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and a light action, hydraulically actuated slip and assist clutch all combine to add the highest level of safety, comfort, and luxury to the Tiger 1200’s exciting and dynamic performance (features may not be present as standard on all models).

2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 TFT screen



Triumph Tiger 1200: the world-beating all-roads adventure bike, perfected by you…