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Triumph Daytona Race kit


Triumph Motorcycles, in collaboration with PHR (Peter Hickman Racing), unveils the highly anticipated race conversion kit for the Daytona 660cc.

Crafted specifically for Triumph's iconic three-cylinder motorcycle, this kit not only sets but elevates the standard for track excellence. Designed to provide Triumph riders with an unparalleled platform for competition, it offers chassis and suspension enhancements alongside a custom full race fairing.

Explore the exceptional engineering behind this race conversion kit, crafted to enhance the riders experience and excel on any circuit.

For further information on the Sportbike race package or race parts please contact PHR Performance [email protected]


Daytona 660 Parts List 2024

  • HEL ‘H’ Brake Lines
  • 765 Master Cyl Assy
  • SBS Brake pads
  • Stock Brake Pads
  • Brembo Brake Discs

  • Complete Full Fairing - Top/Sides, Bellypan, Seat Unit, Seat Pad, Tank Cove
  • Top / Sides
  • Bellypan
  • Seat and Seat Base
  • Tank Cover
  • Race Screen
  • Foam Seat Pad
  • Lightweight Fairing Brackets

  • Complete Triple Clamp Assy
  • Rear Link + Tie Bar
  • Race Rearsets
  • Complete Gear Shift Assy (shift shaft lever, Gear Support, Shift Rod assy)
  • Shift Shaft Lever
  • Racetorx Gear Shift Support
  • Shift Rod Assy (rose joints / nuts)
  • Front Subframe
  • Rear subframe
  • Rear Subframe inserts
  • Rear Subframe conversion (labour)
  • Clock/Switch bracket (Solo)
  • Solo Dash Rubber x 4
  • Solo Dash Spacer x 4
  • Solo Electronics
  • Dash Protector (Solo)
  • GB Racing Paddock Stand Bobbins
  • Chain Guard
  • Clip ons
  • Grips
  • Brake Lever
  • Lever Guard
  • Remote adjuster
  • Clutch Lever/Perch

  • Rad Guard
  • GB Racing covers, stand bobbins, shark fin
  • Sump Bolt
  • Oil Filter Lock
  • 520 chain
  • 520 sprockets 15/50
  • Motul 10/40
  • SAS Engine blanks
  • Akrapovic Exhaust
  • Exhaust Hangar
  • Quick Release Tank Cap
  • Explosafe Tank Foam
  • Fuel Expansion Tank

  • Bitubo Fork kit
  • Bitubo Rear Shockfin
  • Bitubo Steering Damper
  • Damper Bracket Chassis
  • Damper Bracket Yoke

  • Spare Wheels
  • Captive spacers
Triumph Daytona 660 on mountain road)


Intuitive, agile sports handling with all-day riding comfort and thrilling triple-powered performance.

Perfectly balanced agility and pure exhilaration - the Daytona 660 is built to take on any road.

Price From $9,195.00

Triumph Daytona 660 RHS Snowdonia White Sapphire Black