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 DAYTONA Moto2™ 765


Triumph Daytona Moto2TM 765 motorcycle (USA Edition) stationary in the paddocks
Triumph Daytona Moto2TM 765 motorcycle (USA Edition) headlight detail


The new Daytona’s beautiful racing looks are exemplified by new full carbon fiber bodywork (including a single-piece carbon fiber cockpit), the distinctive clear anodized frame and swingarm, official Moto2™ branding and the one-of-a-kind Union Jack paint scheme inspired by the Moto2™ engine development prototype.  Its race focus is further accentuated by its single seat setup.

Triumph Daytona Moto2TM 765 motorcycle (USA Edition) Moto2TM branded yolk, featuring numbered, limited edition badging


Rare, incredibly special, and completely unique; the Daytona Moto2™ 765 is a numbered limited edition motorcycle with a maximum production run of only 765 bikes for the USA and Canada, and 765 bikes for Europe and Asia. Its beautifully billet-machined aluminum top yoke displays a laser-etched limited edition number and each one can be personalized further from a choice of over 35 genuine Triumph Daytona accessories.

Triumph Daytona Moto2TM 765 motorcycle (USA Edition) carbon fibre bodywork with unique, Triumph livery


This new Daytona is designed with full carbon fiber bodywork which, at 0.03 in. (1mm) thick, is stronger, stiffer and more rigid than the previous generation 0.11 in. (3mm) plastic fairing.  The new single-piece cockpit has smoother surfaces and cleaner lines, and the bike also benefits from a full carbon fiber fairing, restyled rear unit optimized for a single-seat setup, carbon fiber hugger and front mudguard, and an upper chain guard with a race-inspired lower chain guard.